Monday, 5 November 2012


Welcome to Aldeias de Portugal

Aldeias de Portugal is a new concept of rural accommodation that allows you to discover the Portuguese back roots, the hospitality and natural life.
They are unique rural villages embraced by idyllic landscapes, preserving the environment and their traditions, their architecture, their people, culture and customs.

Aldeias de Portugal invite you to something unexpected: to stay in a reconverted rustic house in a remote and peaceful village, somewhere in Portugal.
You are invited to spend a special holidays with comfort, experimenting the simplicity of a traditional village. You can enjoy the real rural Portugal; the nature, the way of living, the gastronomy and the culture of each village.

Aldeias de Portugal are great places to enjoy vacations of total independence, deeply in the nature and local life. It is an opportunity to enjoy a typical lodging, in a rural environment.

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