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Portuguese Wine Routes 1

Vinhos de PortugalVinhos de Portugal - Regiões Demarcadas

Portugal from North to South has an extensive range of wines, from green wine, with an appetizing freshness, to port wine, the most generous in the world.Unparalleled in any other country, Portugal adopted the classification of green and ripe wines.The importance of the first in the north of the country and its characteristics led to this classification. With the entry of Portugal into the EEC, this classification has had to be adapted to that organization. As such, the following official designations had to be considered:                                                    
- Origin:Concept applicable to the designation of certain wines whose originality and individuality are inseparably linked to a particular region, as follows:
  •  wines originated and produced in this region
  • wines whose quality or characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to the geographical environment including natural and human factors.To qualify for a designation of origin, the whole process of wine making is subject to strict control in all its stages, from the vineyard to the consumer.
- VQPRD: "Quality Wine Produced in Determined Region"High quality wines, with a limited number, obtained from varieties listed in the approved list, derived exclusively from grapes produced in a specified region.They have to obey the rules and characteristics relating to colour, clarity, aroma and flavour.

This designation includes all wines classified as DOC (Denomination of Controled Origin ) and IPR (Indication of Regulated Provenance).

There is also specific designation for liqueur wines and sparkling wines:

VLQPRD - Quality Liqueur Wine Produced in Determined Region

VEQPRD - Quality Sparkling Wine Produced in Determined Region

- DOC: "Controlled Denomination of Origin"
Wines whose production is traditionally linked to a region geographically delimited and subject to a set of rules with legislation.

- IPR: "Indication of Regulated Provenance"
Term used for wines that, while enjoying special characteristics have to meet for a minimum period of 5 years, all the rules established for the production of high quality wines in order to achieve the classification of DOC.

- Regional Wines: these are table wines with geographical indication, or even wines produced in a specific region of production.

- Table Wines: The wines destined for consumption that do not fit the above designations are considered table wines.

Although the oldest RD "Delimited Region" is Portuguese (Port Wine Region - 1756), Portugal only generalized the demarcation of other regions producing quality wines for a relatively short time.

Each region has a Wine Commission, which is responsible for the allocation of categories of VQPRD, Regional Wine and Wine Grape Variety.

Next we will see the various wine producing regions and their characteristics.

The constant evolution of the wine business makes new products appear constantly.

In our description, the absence of some of them is not due to any selective criteria, but the ignorance of its existence.

Source: Institute of Vine and Wine

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