Monday, 7 November 2011

Churchill's opens new Visitor Center


The wines of Porto and the Douro have a "new home" in Vila Nova de Gaia. The Visitor Center recently opened Churchill's aims to raise awareness of the wines of the Douro region.

Located in Churchill's headquarters in Vila Nova de Gaia, the newVisitor Center has an area of ​​350 square meters, with an investment of around 400 000 euros. With a time of visits between 10h00 and 19h00, the Churchill's Visitor Center offers several options of wine tasting to everyone who visits that space.Churchill's Visitor Center's main objective is to open the doors in a single area to the general public and thus create a close relationship with the community.

Daily vertical wine tasting tests will be offered, carried out by appointment, for a minimum of five people. These technical wine tasting experiences will be accompanied by a professional team of Churchill's, and will give visitors the opportunity to "enter" the world of Port wine and learn to evaluate their different styles.

This tourist programme highlights the fact that it provide visitors the possibility to choose a custom wine tasting event, taking into account new technologies and using a set of iPads prepared specifically for this application.

Gastronomy at Churchill's Visitor Center will also have a privileged area by conducting cooking classes and a cooking show, with the aim of making known the possibility of monitoring the wines with food. Churchill's will invite some chefs to participate in this project in order to provide all visitors the opportunity to see the best of our cuisine. Chef Vitor Sobral will be the first to initiate these events.

Churchill's Visitor Center can also organize dinners for groups of up to 40 people and the space can also be used for meetings,seminars, workshops, trainings and presentations.

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