Friday, 13 July 2012

Portuguese Wine Cellar


The best app about portuguese wines for IOS and Android devices.
Promotion of excellent portuguese wines worldwide.
Difusão e promoção dos excelentes vinhos portugueses a nível mundial.
Portuguese wine is unique. It is good. It is excellent. It is among the best in the world.
The proof of this is in the prizes and distinctions it has won in all the international contests it has entered in the last few years.
The quality has improved, demand and international recognition has increased and the value of exports has grown, year after year.
To make known the country that produces this quality product, its producers, the national castes, the enotourism which exists from north to south of the country, is the mission of the PWC Portuguese Wine Cellar application.
To be present on the new emerging mobile platforms is, for us, a national obligation. To reach the largest number possible of admirers, of professionals, of general consumers, through the apparatus with the biggest growth rate in the last 3 years; smartphones and tablets.
This is why we have developed the Portuguese Wine Cellar which will be present in iPad, iPhone and mobile phones and tablets with an Android system.
To reach the largest number of users possible the application will be launched in English and Portuguese. Other languages will also be considered later.

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  1. The application is not at Android Market (Google Play) anymore (either free nor pay)
    Was it permanently retired ?