Friday, 30 December 2011

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Oppidum: ginger and chocolate liquor!

Once more Ginja de Óbidos Oppidum brings together chocolate and liqueur. This time we have the finest chocolate filled with our liqueur. The perfect match for the most discerning palates.

What is OPPIDUM?

Oppidum is a small, family-run company created officially in 1987 by Dário Pimpão, as a natural sequence to the family tradition of sellingginja (the fruit) to liqueur producers from different parts of the country, namely Alcobaça and Portas de Stº Antão in Lisbon.
Located in the village of Sobral da Lagoa, a parish in the municipality of Óbidos and birthplace of the production of the ginja fruit, the experience of living in an environment strongly connected to the land, the abundance in quality of several types of fruits, together with the passion and interest of Dário Pimpão in transforming this raw material into other more sophisticated and refined flavours, led to a natural evolution in the production of sweets, jams and comfits.
In an environment whose economy depends in part on the production of the fruit and because of his family's involvement in its commercialisation, it is no surprise that Dário Pimpão's passion and spirit of entrepreneurship led to the  idea of producing his own liqueur. His challenge and goal was to produce a liqueur of reference. Mission accomplished!
A financially solid company, Oppidum has made several costly investments over time in order to meet the demanding Rules of Hygiene and Safety at Work, required by the governing agency HACCP.

The best ginger liquor in the world

Ginja de Óbidos